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Argon Group Strengthens Bilateral Cooperation with Cambodia

The bilateral relations between Indonesia and Cambodia have shown positive growth amid the global economic recovery post-pandemic. This is based on the trust and optimism of industry players and government officials from both countries

Argon Group CEO, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, met with Cambodian Minister of Commerce, Mr. Sorasak Pan, in Jakarta on Monday, March 20, 2023. The meeting occurred during Mr. Sorasak Pan's visit to the ASEAN Ministers Retreat in Magelang. Also in attendance was the Indonesian Minister of Trade for the 2016-2019 period, Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita.

Mr. Krestijanto Pandji and Mr. Sorasak Pan discussed the enhancement of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Both are optimistic that the longstanding bilateral partnership can still be improved, particularly in the healthcare industry. This is because investment in Indonesia and Cambodia will have a positive impact on the economies and diplomatic relations of both countries.

With over 42 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Argon Group is strengthening its business portfolio by expanding its operations in Cambodia through Dynamic Argon, Co., Ltd. This is a joint venture between Argon Group and Dynamic Group from Cambodia. The partnership has been established since 2019 to build a modern pharmaceutical distribution company with international Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standards to meet the healthcare needs of the Cambodian people.

In the last four years, Dynamic Argon, Co., Ltd., has aggressively opened three branches to serve the healthcare needs of the Cambodian people. The three Argon Group branches in Cambodia are located in the cities of Phnom Penh, Battambang, and the newest one in Kampong Cham.

Argon Group CEO Mr. Krestijanto Pandji appreciates the meeting with Mr. Sorasak Pan. He hopes that the positive cooperation between the two countries can continue.

"The meeting with Mr. Sorasak Pan brings optimism for us. The bilateral relations between Indonesia and Cambodia are very good. Thanks to good cooperation with the Cambodian government, we can provide the best healthcare services for the people of Cambodia," said Mr. Krestijanto Pandji.

Meanwhile, Cambodian Minister of Commerce Mr. Sorasak Pan welcomes the positive cooperation between Indonesia and Cambodia. "Indonesia is a friendly and amicable country. We can build a partnership based on that. Cambodia also always learns from Indonesia to move in a better direction," said Mr. Sorasak Pan.


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