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Our business

Medela Potentia strives to provide the greatest possible contribution to society by competent, trustworthy business methods, and it takes responsibility for all aspects of life.

Medela Potentia's distribution, marketing, manufacturing, healthcare items, and medical devices in Indonesia and Cambodia have significant growth opportunities. This notion is supported by both countries' stable economic prospects, attractive demography, and government support for the industry's growth.


Medela Potentia has provided a solution for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, healthcare, and medical devices on a national and international scale through Anugrah Argon Medica, which covers all parts of Indonesia, and Dynamic Argon Co. Ltd., in collaboration with a healthcare distributor with over 20 years of experience in Cambodia to distribute and market healthcare products across Cambodia.


Medela Potentia has contributed to the sales, marketing, and distribution of medical devices, including consumables and medical equipment for hospitals and laboratories across Indonesia through PT Djembatan Dua. Medela Potentia continues to expand its portfolio of healthcare goods for Indonesia through partnerships with reputable partners that adhere to international standards.

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Medela Potentia has established the medical device manufacturing facility of PT Deca Metric Medica, inaugurated by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia on December 21, 2023. PT Deca Metric Medica produces wound dressing medical devices to meet the needs of the Indonesian population. The development of PT Deca Metric Medica reflects Argon Group's commitment to supporting Indonesia's healthcare system transformation program, aiming to achieve national health independence.

Digital Platform

Medela Potentia through PT Karsa Inti Tuju Aksara (KITA) facilitates our principals to grow their business through digital initiatives. We grow a B2B2C platform that expanding our sales reach to the retailers, end consumers and patients.

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