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Medela Potentia Sharing the Love and Conducted Donation to the Orphanage

Medela Potentia, through Argon Peduli conducted a social charity for the orphans in the Sinar Pelangi Foundation, Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday, December 10 2022. This activity manifests one of Medela Potentia's core values: Deal with Care.

Mr. Ferry Nomensen Siahaan from Argon Peduli and the other social volunteers from Medela Potentia were welcomed by the Founder of the Sinar Pelangi Foundation, Sister Andre Lemmers, FCJM. This social charity is a routine activity carried out to help others. "Sharing the love with others in need is our form of gratitude and contribution to the society," said Mr. Siahaan.

On this grateful occasion, Argon Peduli donated food packages and goodie bags containing school bags and tumblers to around 45 orphans and the orphanage officers. "Thank you for the love and contribution from Medela Potentia for sharing with us. We are very grateful," said Sister Andre.


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