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Welcoming ODP 2023 Participants, Argon Group Conducts Introduction and Training Session

Argon Group welcomes new employees who have been accepted through the Officer Development Program (ODP) for the 2023 period. It began with a welcoming dinner hosted by the HR Director of Argon Group, Ms. Nancy Kartika, and the recruitment team on Sunday, July 2, 2023.

The welcoming continued with an introduction session led by the management team of Argon Group with the six ODP participants on Monday, July 3, 2023. Present at the session were Mr. Edbert Orotodan, CEO of Djembatan Dua; Ms. Juliwaty, CEO of AAM; Mr. Setyawan Pantja Juwono, Operations Director of AAM; Mr. Harris Lesmana, Commercial Director of AAM; and Mr. Stephen Febianto Kusumo, Supply Chain & System Director of AAM.

Ms. Juliwaty, extended her warm welcome to the new employees and expressed her hope that the participants would successfully go through the ODP process and contribute to providing excellent healthcare services to the Indonesian community.

"I would like to extend a warm welcome to Argon Group. We are delighted to welcome you and have you become part of our team to provide healthcare services to the Indonesian community. May you maximize the opportunities and gain a valuable experiences," said Ms. Juliwaty.

The six ODP participants were introduced to the company's environment and core values, namely Strive For Excellence, Act Professionally, and Deal With Care. In addition to introducing the company culture, the ODP participants were also taken on an office tour to several departments of AAM and other companies within Argon Group. The participants showed great enthusiasm for these activities.

The six ODP participants will receive training on business processes, logistics, administration, and quality, delivered by the relevant directors. The sessions were engaging, and the participants were eager to listen to the presentations and actively ask questions.

After completing a week of training at the Argon Group head office, the ODP participants will be assigned to learn at various AAM branches for 3.5 months, located in different regions such as Jakarta 3, Jakarta 2, Tangerang, Surabaya, Semarang, and Bandung. The participants will receive mentorship from branch heads and other employees to gain a detailed understanding of AAM's business processes.

The ODP participants who have successfully passed the rigorous selection process conducted by the Argon Group recruitment team, based on the established criteria, will undergo a six-month training program, including on-the-job actions.


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