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Training of Trainers Vaccine: Well Trained Pharmacist in National Vaccination Program

23 Desember 2020

PT. Anugrah Argon Medica, as one of the pharmaceutical distribution companies in Indonesia, attended the "Training of Trainers Vaccine, Well Trained Pharmacist in National Vaccination Program" on Wednesday, 23 December 2020 via Zoom Conference with a total of 518 participants.

Mrs. Sulviria, as AAM Quality Assurance Manager, became a speaker with the theme "Vaccine Handling at PBF". On this occasion, Mrs. Sulviria explained several topics related to the Technical Handling of Vaccines at PBF, such as handling cold chain products at PBF is principally similar to managing other products. “However, there are additional special requirements in the form of temperature assurance from the time the product is received, stored until distributed to the customer,” said Mrs. Sulviria.

Participants were enthusiastic in following the explanation from Mrs. Sulviria and asked many questions during the discussion session, including how to handle vaccines while in the distributor's warehouse and when transportation reaches the customer, holding qualifications and validation to ensure that temperatures are maintained for vaccine storage and distribution, handling training to personnel directly involved in vaccine handling, and many more.


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