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TGIF June Edition: Appreciation for the "Early Bird" in Argon

"The early bird catches the worm" is a fitting expression for Argons who regularly arrive early because on Friday, June 16, 2023, the Human Resources (HR) team of Argon Group once again organized Thank God It's Friday (TGIF).

TGIF is a regular activity on Friday mornings conducted by the HR team of Argon Group at the HO Titan Center to boost morale before starting the day's activities. On the June 16th edition, TGIF took place on the 7th floor starting at 7:30 AM, featuring various exciting activities.

During this TGIF, the trio of Ms. Yohana, Ms. Gracela, and Mr. Aditya performed songs such as "Cinta Kan Membawamu" by Dewa 19, "Marilah Kemari" by Titiek Puspa, and "Kopi Dangdut" by Fahmi Shahab. Enthusiastic Argons joined in singing along and participated in a lyric guessing game with prizes, bringing joy and happiness to the event.

According to a study by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, singing and listening to music can improve health, including mental well-being. The study also mentions that music plays a role in helping individuals learn, accelerating healing, and personal development.

"One way to boost morale and improve mental health is by gathering and singing together. I hope all Argons feel comfortable and have positive interactions among fellow employees," said Nancy Kartika, HR Director of Argon Group.

As a bonus, early birds who attended the TGIF event received morning snacks. Thank God It's Friday!


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