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Targeting Potential ODP Candidates, Argon Group Participated at ITB Career Expo

Argon Group Human Resources team actively participated in the Indonesia Career Expo at Bandung Institute of Technology on May 12-13, 2023. This event attracted thousands of Gen Z and Millennial attendees. During the expo, Argon Group showcased career opportunities and opened positions for future leaders across all business sectors through their Officer Development Program (ODP).

As an inclusive company, Argon Group welcomes the millennial and Gen Z generations to pursue careers in the professional world. With our core values of professionalism and compassion, Argon Group provides an environment where Gen Z individuals can thrive and become pioneers in enhancing national healthcare services.

"Argon Group provides an ideal working environment for the millennial and Gen Z generations to contribute to the improvement of healthcare quality in Indonesia. The work culture at Argon is built on principles of inclusivity, supportiveness, and excellent career development," said Mrs. Nancy Kartika, Human Resources Director of Argon Group.

During this event,HR team conducted selection processes and interviews with a number of candidates who met the specified criteria. In addition to ITB, Argon Group has previously participated in career expos in various regions of Indonesia, such as Medan, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and other areas across the country.

Currently, Gen Z and the millennial generation represent the largest population segments in Indonesia. 2020 Population Census results indicate that Indonesia's population is predominantly comprised of Generation Z, with a total of 74.93 million individuals, accounting for 27.94% of the total population. The next largest population segment is the productive-age group, consisting of 69.38 million millennials, representing 25.87% of the population.


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