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November Edition of TGIF Resonates with Argons Spirit

Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) is back to brighten up the day for the Argons on Friday, November 3, 2023, on the 4th floor of Titan Center, Bintaro. This November edition of TGIF promised a variety of entertaining music performances and games.

Present at the event were the CEO of AAM, Mrs. Juliwaty; HR Director of Argon Group, Mrs. Nancy Kartika; Operational Director of AAM, Mr. Setiawan Pantja Juwono; along with other Argons who enjoyed the special performances.

The event kicked off with a soulful performance by Mrs. Amelia Hendianto, who serenaded the audience with the song '1000 years' by Jikustik, inspiring Argons to remain steadfast in their pursuit of happiness.

Following that, Mrs. Gracella took the stage with her rendition of the song 'Mau Dibawa Kemana' by the Armada Band. Not stopping there, Mrs. Netova and Mrs. Sylvana transported all Argons to the land of Batak with the song 'Alusi Au,' dressed in the distinctive red ulos garments of Batak culture.

A special solo performance was delivered by the Regional Manager of AAM, Mr. Hendarto, who enthralled the audience with his guitar renditions of two songs from Sheila On 7, 'Melompat Lebih Tinggi' and 'Hari Bersamanya.'

The excitement reached its peak during the WAG (Waktu Argon Bercanda) quiz, where Mr. Jovirtuoso took on the role of a quizmaster, often posing questions that left everyone in fits of laughter.

"The TGIF activities infuse positive energy into the Argons at the start of their day. This TGIF serves as tangible proof of the collaborative and creative spirit that thrives among the Argons," said Mrs. Nancy Kartika.

In the final segment of TGIF, the HR team, as the organizers, also provided the latest updates about the company to all employees.


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