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Dynamic Argon Conducted Blood Donation to Help Meet the Needs of the Nation

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), Cambodia needs at least 150,000

blood donors annually, or 1% of its population. Dynamic Argon Co., Ltd. is committed to contributing

to the health of Cambodian citizens by conducting blood donation events to help those in need.

Dynamic Argon Blood Donation was organized by the HR Department team on Friday, February 21,

2023, at the Dynamic Argon office in Phnom Penh. This social activity was attended by 45 people andresulted in 36 bags of blood that are ready to be donated through the National Blood Transfusion Centre Cambodia (NBTC).

The entire team at Dynamic Argon feels very proud of this blood donation activity and is committed

to doing it every 6 months. “As our value, Together Provide a Better Health, we want to contribute

to Cambodian society by donating our blood to help those in need. We will not stop here; we will

continue blood donation as our commitment to a healthier society. Donate Blood, Save Lives,” said

the Chairman of Dynamic Argon, Mr. Budi Lim.

NBTC, which helps collect blood donors, stated that they need at least 100,000 bags of blood

annually as the blood bank is running low. Public hospitals in Phnom Penh require around 250 units

of blood daily.


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