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Djembatan Dua Showcases Stardec Excellence at PIT & Mukernas Hisfarsi 2024

PT Djembatan Dua actively supports the Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) and National Work Meeting (Mukernas) of the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (Hisfarsi) 2024 held in Semarang from May 8-10, 2024.

Under the theme "Hospital Pharmacy Practice Transformation through Digitalization, Specialization, and Interprofessional Collaboration," PIT Mukernas Hisfarsi 2024 was attended by approximately 2,200 Pharmacists.

Djembatan Dua's participation featured an exhibition booth focused on educating and promoting healthcare equipment, particularly its own brand, Stardec. The booth showcased various healthcare product lines, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Airway Solution, Wash Gloves, and wound care products.

Ninety percent of the displayed Stardec products have a high Domestic Component Level (TKDN), reflecting PT Djembatan Dua's commitment to supporting domestic healthcare self-sufficiency.

The Stardec product lineup included Stardec Latex Examination Gloves (TKDN 92.23%), Stardec Latex Surgical Gloves (TKDN 85.32%), Stardec Nasal Oxygen Cannula (TKDN 72.35%), Stardec DecaMed-T (TKDN 41-48%), Stardec Decafix (TKDN 36%), Stardec Nebulizer Mask (TKDN 30.53%), Stardec Nitrile Examination Gloves (TKDN 26.06%), and Wash Glove Tissue (AKD Distribution Permit).

The presence of these Stardec products underscores PT Djembatan Dua's commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare services provided by healthcare professionals through registered products, ensuring their benefits, quality, and efficacy.

"The presence of Stardec products represents one of our end-to-end solutions, reflecting PT Djembatan Dua's determination to improve the quality of national healthcare equipment, thereby fostering a healthier Indonesian society," stated Ms. Kansy Widiarti, Commercial Director of PT Djembatan Dua.


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