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Argon Peduli Hosts Social Service Event in Yogyakarta City, Fulfilling the SDG3

As a contribution to improving the quality of public health in Indonesia, Argon Group, through Argon Peduli, collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Yogyakarta to organize a social service event providing mass health check-ups and treatment on Saturday, May 4, 2024, in Mrican Village, Giwangan Subdistrict, Yogyakarta City.

This initiative successfully served 200 adults and elderly individuals, aiming to anticipate health issues or illnesses.

Present at the event were the Branch Head of Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) Yogyakarta, Mr. Yusmar Abdillah, along with his team; Dharma Dexa Manager, Mr. Bangun Mugihantoro; representatives from Argon Peduli, and Posyandu cadres.

Nancy Kartika, Human Resources Director of Argon Group, stated that health check-ups and treatment are consistently conducted in various cities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals number three, which is ensuring good health and well-being.

"As a company operating in the healthcare sector, Argon Group is committed to promoting public health to enable easier and more affordable access to healthcare services," said Nancy Kartika.

Yusmar Abdillah, Branch Head of AAM Yogyakarta, added that Argon Group is actively involved in community engagement, collaborating with all sectors of society.

"Events like this are invaluable opportunities for us to engage with the community. As a company, it's also our responsibility and commitment to social health resilience," Yusmar further explained.


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