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Argon Group Supports Education and Stunting Intervention in East Java

Argon Group, through its corporate social initiative Argon Peduli, is supporting education and stunting intervention activities in the city of Blitar, East Java. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN), the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI), and the Blitar Regency Government.

The support provided includes the donation of healthcare equipment as a preventive effort to maintain the health of midwives, who are at the forefront of addressing stunting in Indonesia. A total of 600 midwives attending this educational event received Stardec Wash Gloves, a healthcare product from Argon Group.

This donation of Stardec Wash Gloves is part of Argon Group's ongoing commitment to education and stunting intervention activities, which have been conducted in several cities across Indonesia, including Yogyakarta, Brebes, Surabaya, Wonosobo, and Palembang.

President Joko Widodo aims to reduce the national stunting prevalence to 14 percent by the year 2024. Therefore, one of the primary focuses in the healthcare sector, as highlighted by the President during the 2023 MPR RI annual session on August 16, 2023, is the reduction of stunting prevalence.

Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, the President Director of Argon Group, expressed that Argon Group, as one of the key elements in the pentahelix approach to addressing stunting, is always ready to collaborate for stunting reduction interventions.

"Stunting remains a government priority in the healthcare sector until 2024. Therefore, through Argon Peduli, Argon Group is committed to assisting the government's efforts to reduce stunting and achieve Indonesia's Golden Generation by 2045," Mr. Krestijanto stated.


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