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Argon Group Strengthens Digital Healthcare Ecosystem with Launch of GPOS B2B Application

2024 Digital Transformation Strategy released by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia highlights the crucial role of the industry in driving technological transformation and digitization in the healthcare sector.

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector is crucial in the effort to enable the public to have access to quality and affordable health products such as medicines and healthcare equipment. The closest access points for healthcare products to the public are pharmacies and drugstores. Therefore, there is a need for higher quality services, systems, and more comprehensive products to meet the growing demand for health products.

GPOS B2B application, developed by Argon Group, a business group with over four decades of experience in the healthcare industry, aims to strengthen the digital healthcare ecosystem to promote access to health products. GPOS B2B is a digital B2B platform for pharmacy channels, hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, medical equipment distributors, and veterinary professionals to purchase health products. Customers can easily and can quickly monitor orders, view invoices, and make payments all within one platform.

In addition to GPOS B2B, GPOS currently offers the GPOS Lite app service, a point-of-sale system designed to assist pharmacies in managing sales and inventory. It is integrated with GoApotik, an online pharmacy aggregator that facilitates online selling on other e-commerce platforms.

The Grand Launch of GPOS B2B apps took place online on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, reaching thousands of business owners including pharmacies, drugstores, and hospital pharmacy installations across Indonesia. The launch of GPOS B2B is a demonstration of Argon Group's commitment and readiness to support the healthcare system transformation program.

In his address, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, CEO of Argon Group, stated that with over 43 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Argon Group has demonstrated end-to-end competence in providing access to health products.

"At present, Argon Group's focus is to strengthen the sixth pillar of the healthcare system transformation program, namely Health Technology Transformation. The digital healthcare ecosystem you are participating in will enhance services, streamline operations, and open up even greater development opportunities, all in an integrated manner," said Mr. Krestijanto.

Advantages of GPOS B2B

GPOS B2B is a technological advancement of the IPOS app, allowing users to use the application up to 6 times faster. GPOS B2B comes with a more attractive interface and more detailed information about health products, including product descriptions and expiration dates.

Digital Transformation Director of Argon Group, Mr. Handi Halim, mentioned that GPOS B2B comes with the latest technological enhancements to accommodate a greater variety of available products and shopping programs for a wider range of customers to enjoy.

"Our top team has been dedicated to ensuring that GPOS B2B, equipped with the latest technology, can provide an outstanding user experience. GPOS B2B has undergone various testing phases and improvements, so you can use this application comfortably," said Mr. Handi.

GPOS B2B system is also integrated, allowing customers to place orders, receive invoices, make payments, and arrange for deliveries all within one platform. Customers can also track orders in real-time to get estimated arrival time information.

GPOS B2B Reward Program

GPOS B2B is committed to providing added value to customers, including offering more reward points and collaborating with more principals to create more attractive promotions. This will provide additional benefits to customers using GPOS B2B.

In line with its tagline "Everything is Here," the GPOS B2B apps now also features a more comprehensive product catalog, known as the "Toserba Catalog." Customers will benefit from the Toserba Catalog as it allows for shopping a wider range of health products to meet the needs of businesses.

Head of GPOS, Mr. Henry Ongkojoyo, stated that GPOS B2B offers attractive promotions, points, and programs for customers conducting transactions through the application. "GPOS B2B app is not just a shopping platform but also your steadfast health companion. With exclusive promotions and various shopping programs, we are committed to providing the best shopping experience and increasing customer benefits," Mr. Henry emphasized.



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