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Argon Group Offers Career Opportunities for Final-Year Pharmacist Professional Students

Argon Group with over 42 years of experience in the healthcare industry, understands the career development needs of pharmacist professional students. To address this, Argon Group’s HR team organized a sharing knowledge event at the faculties of pharmacy in two universities in Surabaya, East Java.

The sharing knowledge event was delivered by Argon Group's HR Director, Mrs. Nancy Kartika, under the theme "Build Up Your Career: Prepare Yourself for the Better Future." This event was attended by hundreds of final-year pharmacy professional students at the University of Surabaya on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, and at Airlangga University on Thursday, July 27, 2023.

Present at the Sharing Knowledge event were the heads of the pharmacy faculties from each university: Dr. Apt. Antonius Adji Prayitno Setiadi, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Surabaya, and Dr. Apt. Lisa Aditama, S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Head of the Pharmacist Professional Program at the University of Surabaya.

From Airlangga University, attendees included Prof. Dewi Melani Haryadi, M.Phil, Ph.D., Vice Dean 3 of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Apt. Yunita Nita, S.Si., M.Pharm., Head of the Pharmacist Professional Program, and Dr. Apt. Muh. Agus Syamsur Rijal, M.Si., Secretary of the Pharmacist Professional Program.

During her presentation, Ms. Nancy emphasized that pharmacist professional students have various career opportunities, not limited to being a pharmacist, within Argon Group and Dexa Group. They can pursue careers in diverse fields, such as research, product development, marketing, and even human resources.

Apart from providing insights and updates, Ms. Nancy also shared tips and tricks for job applications, including crafting an impressive Curriculum Vitae, interview tips, and salary negotiation. All the topics covered in the Sharing Knowledge event received appreciation from the university leadership and attending students.

Dr. Apt. Lisa Aditama, S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., stated that the sharing knowledge event was highly beneficial and inspiring for students, boosting their confidence in entering the job market. The discussions with some graduating students revealed that they became more motivated and prepared to face their future careers with greater confidence.

Dr. Apt. Muh. Agus Syamsur Rijal, M.Si., also expressed that the event was not only beneficial for the students but also for the universities. Collaborative activities like this are crucial in strengthening ties with potential employers, leading to more competent pharmacy professional graduates.

Both the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Surabaya and Airlangga University hope to maintain good collaboration with Argon Group. They aim to continue working together on relevant Sharing Knowledge events or collaborating on research and work practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Nancy added, "Argon Group is committed and has established partnerships with various universities to provide opportunities for students to undertake internships and practical work in various business lines within Argon Group."


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