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Argon Group Opens Supervisory Development Program at Indonesia Career Expo

Argon Group took part in the Indonesia Career Expo held at the Smesco Exhibition Hall, Jakarta, on January 10-11, 2024. This career fair featured over 60 national and multinational companies and attracted thousands of candidates.

Representing Argon Group at the event were Talent Acquisition Officer of Argon Group Jessica Innocencia and Peiter Houtama. Argon Group seized the opportunity to showcase various career opportunities, including the Supervisory Development Program (SDP). SDP is an accelerated career development initiative where graduates are projected to become leaders in departments across Argon Group's branch offices.

In SDP Batch I, Argon Group opened opportunities for fresh graduates in engineering and accounting disciplines to join and contribute to improving the quality of healthcare in Indonesia. SDP participants will receive training and foundational knowledge about the healthcare industry and the distribution of healthcare products.

After completing the basic training and knowledge phase, participants will be placed in various branches of Argon Group throughout Indonesia. This program is expected to provide exciting opportunities and challenges for new graduates to broaden their insights and skills in the distribution of healthcare products.

"Through the Supervisory Development Program, Argon Group is not only committed to enhancing the quality of healthcare in Indonesia through the distribution of quality healthcare products but also recognizes the importance of talent development as a strategic step to strengthen the healthcare sector in Indonesia. By providing training and knowledge to fresh graduates, we are not only opening the doors to career opportunities but also investing in the development of individual potential to become future leaders in this industry," said Nancy Kartika, Human Resources Director at Argon Group.

In addition to the Supervisory Development Program, Argon Group is also offering positions for experienced professionals in various fields such as sales, marketing, distribution, business, and information technology. For more information, click the link below.


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