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AKAR AAM Facilitates Partners to Stay Creative During Pandemic

2 Desember 2020

AAM Knowledge Sharing for Customers or AKAR was held virtually in October and November 2020. This time, in collaboration with Pfizer Indonesia's principals, AKAR held seminars for partners in the Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Serang, and Surabaya areas.

"Creative Selling in the Pandemic Era" was the theme raised following the current pandemic situation and conditions. ATM or Observe - Imitate Modification became one of the insights given to help partners learn from big companies that have implemented different sales strategies. Partners are expected to modify and develop their business further from this AKAR Online. Partners are also expected to make their business run online so that consumers can easily access their products.

The activity was productive and enthusiastic as participants gave various positive responses, and the concept of the event was very interesting. This activity was also a learning tool for partners in using technology to implement online meetings.


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