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AAM Holds Director's Sharing at Dexa Group Library

23 Agustus 2019

On Friday, August 23, 2019, PT Anugrah Argon Medica organized a Director's Sharing activity as part of its personnel development program. With the theme of time management, AAM President Director Mrs. Juliwaty explained how, as social beings, we must manage time effectively and efficiently so that everything runs smoothly.

The Director's Sharing activity, which took place at the Dexa Group Library, was attended by approximately 40 AAM internal employees ranging from staff to manager levels.

Mr. Setiadi, AAM's Manager, HR System & Development, launched the discussion by inviting attendees to self-assess how they spend their daily time. The games were continued by Mrs. Yuni Sufiarni of the Corporate Training and Development team and demonstrated by Mr. Mike and Mr. Hagai of the HRD AAM team.

Mrs. Juliwaty shared her experience with time management because time is one of the resources that must be managed well for individuals or organizations to reach their goals effectively and efficiently. Time management is a method or process of utilizing and managing all aspects of time to perform activities that have been scheduled and must be finished within a set time frame. "I encourage you, especially Millennials, to respect time so that work may be done successfully and efficiently," Mrs. Juliwaty stated.

Mrs. Juliwaty also highlighted self-discipline to eradicate the habit of delaying work or procrastination and related competencies that must be strengthened, particularly managerial, leadership, and soft skills.

The two-hour-long sharing session went off without a hitch. This activity was concluded with a question-and-answer session and a group photograph.


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