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“A Day of Thanks" HR Argon Group's Appreciation for Partners

Human Resources Department (HRD) is one of the important pillars in supporting the sustainability of a company's organization and business. In carrying out its functions in an organization, HRD always involves other parties starting from employee recruitment, talent management, training, assessment, to employment relations. 

Starting the year 2024, the Argon Group HRD team held an event "A Day of Thanks" an appreciation for all partners who have collaborated, as well as getting to know the Argon Group HRD team more closely.

This activity was attended by the Director of Argon Group, Mr. Wimala Widjaja; President Director of PT Anugrah Argon Medica, Mrs. Juliwaty; Director of PT Djembatan Dua, Mr. Edbert Orotodan; Director of PT Karsa Inti Tuju Askara, Mr. Cahyadi S.S.; Director of PT Deca Metric Medica, Mr. Stephen Febianto K.; HR Director of Argon Group, Mrs. Nancy Kartika; along with other directors and management in Argon Group.

“We express our gratitude to all HR working partners who have collaborated with the HRD team in advancing Argon Group together," said Ms. Nancy in her opening remarks.

Mrs. Nancy also emphasized the crucial role of every leader across departments in acknowledging and appreciating colleagues and team members for their performance and contributions to Argon Group.

During this occasion, the HRD team of Argon Group also presented the work programs that will be undertaken in the year 2024.

The HR team hopes that the collaboration with departments and working partners can be strengthened to ensure the success of Argon Group in providing access to healthcare products, strengthening the healthcare ecosystem, and delivering quality healthcare products to the Indonesian community.

In addition to presenting the work programs to the partners, "A Day of Thanks" was also creatively and interactively packaged with various entertainments such as music performances, theatrical comedy sketches, quizzes, educational games, and a highly popular 360 photo booth.

The event received positive appreciation from the attending working partners. "I believe this is a very good event. With this event, all department leaders can learn about the work programs that will be carried out by the HRD team in the future," said Mr. Edbert Orotodan.


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